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Date : 25th Nov., 2018

Dear BBF Family,

This Sunday BBF family had a special service on Installation of Rev. Augustin Bhaskar as BBF Pastor.
Dr. Madana Kumar opened the service with responsive reading from Psalm 84 and prayed. Pastor Augustin Bhaskar friends had led us through a time of worship. Pastor Albert Davis started the Instalation service with prayer and Bro. George Ninan received affirmation from Rev. Augustin Bhaskar by asking few questions. Rev. Augustine Bhaskar was surrounded by the trustees (Bro.George Ninan, Mrs. Joyce Davis, Mr.John Manohar and Mr. Nidheesh Abraham) and the Congregation stretching their hands toward him and few members prayed. Pastor Albert Davis Led the prayer of dedication with Lords prayer. Mareen Nidheesh made the announcements and also led the sharing of praise and prayer request. Neville collected the offertory and prayed for it. John Manoharan conducted the Intercessory prayers. Pastor Augustine Bhaskar conducted the closing Benediction.

Sermon: Pastor Augustine Bhasker.

Topic : If you are Christian and you do not have time for Christ, then you have taken the heart out of Christianity.
Bible Passage: Luke 10:38-42 “At the Home of Martha and Mary”.

When Jesus visited the village where Martha the head of the house also the mistress and the elder sister, she had a very generous and hospitable heart, She welcome Jesus into her house. It was not only Jesus but hundred other people were also invited by her, which means a lot to her to invite so many people in her house and to make meal for all of them. It was a really big thing for her to open her house for the Lord. Although she was also worried and stressed about making food for all.
According to the culture on those days it was against the law rabbi should never teach women, women should stand very far and listen not close to him. But Jesus went against the law and made Mary sit near him almost at his feet and listen to his teaching. Jesus did what is right, not what is culture he always wanted to do what is right. That was the reason why he was crucified because he would do what is right not according to the culture, like healing on the Sabbath, going into the house of the sinners all these lead him to crucification.

We are always surrounded by three kinds of people like Jesus hostile, the curious and the seeker, so we shall be always careful there always be a hostile people but we should be careful with people who are seeking.----
Martha complaint to Jesus “Don’t you care”? She was battling all her emotions and busted out accusing Jesus. We should always remember God always care for us; I peter 5:7 says “cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”. Put your personal name before the verse and say “Pastor Augustin Bhaskar cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”.
When Martha complaint Jesus said you are anxious and worried about many thing but one good thing Mary has chosen is to having fellowship and learning from the Lord which is good and needed things, that is the heart of all fellowship. If we do not fix this discipline then nothing in our life will be fixed.

In Mathew 26:40; when he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping, “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” he asked Peter. 41: Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. If we do not watch and pray we will fall into temptation, so we have to take care early in the morning we look up to the Lord in prayer. According to Isaiah 50:4 says he wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. Then only we can be a blessed and a blessing to others.

Make a decision to spend time with the lord especially early in the morning.

Fellowship:- The service was followed by celebration on Mrs. Lizy Philip’s 70th Birthday with cake, snacks, tea and coffee.

Bright Gems: Sunday school @ 10:30am led by John Manohar.

Kids had a wonderful time listening to the Story of “John the Baptist and his father Zechariah mother Elizabeth”, God send the angel Gabriel to tell Zechariah and Elizabeth their prayer is been answered and in their old age they are going to have a son and name him John. The Bible passage was from Luke 1 and Memory verse from Psalm 138:8 “The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O LORD endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands”. Take away of the bible story was “God's beautiful plan for us will always surprise you.....”.


  1. Next sunday we have message from Rev. Augustine Bhaskar .
  2. Bangalore Bible fellowship Christmas programme will be scheduled by next week with Carol, Christmas Lunch, Christmas service and Watch night service.
  3. Celebration for the week : 2oth Mrs. Lizy Philip Birthday.

Financial Statement of BBF

  • Offering of Sunday (25th Nov 2018)- Rs 4,000/-.
  • Tithe of Sunday – Rs 1,000/-.
  • Mission fund - NIL.
  • Expenses of Sunday – Nil.
  • Cash in hand – NIL.
  • Bank debit – Rs 2,000/-.
  • Bank credit – Rs 4,900/-.
  • Bank Balance –Rs 4,02,071.40/-.

Praise (Celebrations) & Prayer Requests (Petitions)

  1. Thanking God for a Rev. Augustin Bhaskar as a Pastor in BBF church.
  2. Lizy Philip thank god for adding a year, she is 70 now and by the grace of god she is in good health.
  3. Nathaniel and sanjana is not keep well, for healing.
  4. Prabha who is Bro.George Ninan college who is suffering from cancer past one and half year is having difficulties with health continue to pray for miraculous healing. .
  5. Sarah Augustin is not well, for healing.
  6. state and People who is suffering from after effect of cyclone in Tamil Nadu.
  7. Please pray for John Manoharan, for new opportunity and also in openings up business/job openings.
  8. Pray For all the BBF families for the personal, financial, protection, spiritual needs and God’s guidance.
  9. BBF Pastor, BBF Trustees, BBF bright gems, BBF youth group, BBF cottage prayer and BBF Women bible study group.
  10. Please continue to pray for Bangalore Bible Fellowship as a church.

Regards and Blessings,
Bangalore Bible Fellowship

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